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Released: Good Morning Justice (Brine Rights, #2)

From the publishers of Stanzas and Clauses for the Causes and My Whispers of Horror comes a deeply emotionally explicit collection of poetry and short stories on various subjects of social activism and human rights. The various examples of racism, poverty, chauvinism, and trafficking will strike…


We often want it so badly that we ruin it before it begins. Over-thinking. Fantasizing. Imagining. Expecting. Worrying. Doubting. Just let it naturally evolve. 

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Legality of Marital Rape

A map should also be included with the year that marital rape was criminalized. For the US, it was 1993.

Why? Why is the common sense idea that a wife does not deserve to be raped still not recognized in so many places, by roughly half the world’s population (and growing)? Because women are seen as men’s property. Still. And we cannot get away from that truth.



This week, President Obama signed an Executive Order that prohibits federal contractors from discriminating against their employees on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Note:  In a historic first a bisexual community leader, Faith Cheltenham president of BiNet USA (right hand side, blue dress) was asked to stand with the president at the event.  You can read her personal story + watch a video of Workplace Discrimination Faced By Bisexual + Other LGBT Workers.  

On Friday, join a conversation on the new Executive Order and steps the President has taken to expand opportunity for the LGBT community. Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President, will host for a Tumblr Q&A this Friday, July 25 at 1pm ET.

Right now, you can ask your questions here on the White House Tumblr, and Valerie Jarrett will answer a bunch on Friday, July 25 at 1pm ET.

Usually I am not a big fan of executive orders, but this one is actually great because

  1. It protects human rights that Congress has not been able to. From the founding, Congress was seen as a fallible political group to at whim with tyranny of the majority. Normally such an argument would make me recoil, but I think that in this case (such as the case of freedom of speech, against searches, etc.) Congress has fallen too behind and it is necessary for action to be taken. Of course, it would have been much better for the Supreme Court to do this, not the president (as the executive branch has a history of human rights violations, and an executive order is a powerful tool only for the length of one’s presidency)
  2. President Obama is totally in his right to make this law happen, though, as it applies to federal contractors, people the government employs. The government can set its own rules for whom they hire. That is reasonable.



This is important

This graphic is ridiculously effective and helpful.

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This is really important info from a really great resource! Remember: No one ever deserves to be harassed, exploited, or emotionally abused. Everyone deserves to have their privacy and their body respected—whether they’re a current partner or an ex.

Check out to learn about ways to get explicit images taken down, how to get involved in your area, or how to seek legal assistance. Or for more info about digital abuse and online harassment, check out

90 percent of the victims are women

Only 90%?


On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court announced it would take up a case involving the issue of when violent statements made online count as actual threats and when such statements are considered free speech under the First Amendment.

Read more here:


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Want To Understand Why Abortion Clinics Are Disappearing? Look No Further
This week, Ohio moved closer to shutting down the last abortion clinic in Toledo, the latest installment in a yearlong battle over a harsh new law that’s threatening clinics across the state. If state officials are eventually successful in what anti




1,000 unaccompanied minors are being ‘warehoused’ in Arizona, sleeping in plastic tubes
June 8, 2014

Unaccompanied children entering the United States at almost double the rate of last year are testing the limits of Department of Homeland Security capacity, as some 1,000 minors who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border on their own weretransferred to an Arizona “warehouse” that has not been used to hold people in years, according to the Associated Press. The children — including pregnant teens and a 1-year-old with diarrhea — are sleeping in plastic containers and haven’t showered in ten days, according to the Honduras consul to the United States, who visited the site.

The Obama administration declared an “urgent humanitarian situation” this week, and is now ordering thousands of toilets, cots, and other basic provisions for the thousands of migrant children in federal custody. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson declared “a level-four condition of readiness” in the Rio Grande Valley in May after seeing a McAllen, Texas Border Patrol facility overcrowded with children earlier this month. Photos released by conservative news site Breitbart purport to depict packed processing centers in Texas.

Thus far in the 2014 fiscal year, about 47,000 children have been apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border — a 92 percent increase over the previous year, according to Customs and Border Patrol figures. Federal officials have been transferring minors from Texas to other states to handle the surge. Almost all of the 750 children already transferred to Nogales, Arizona this week are from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, where crime and corruption are associated with a surge in migrants fleeing the country. Another 300 were reportedly transferred to the facility by early Sunday morning.

Officials are reporting improved conditions in the facility, after photos shared online earlier showed children wrapped in aluminum blankets. Federal agencies have set up medical treatment at the center, including vaccinations and checkups. But the Arizona Republic reports that members of the media have not been allowed into the facility. Some of the children there will be reunited with family members in the United States. Many others, however, will be transferred to other temporary shelters at military bases.

There are several potential causes for the surge of migrants — particularly unaccompanied children — from Central America. It is clear that many are fleeing violence that goes largely unchecked by the government, and lack of opportunity. Others are traveling to join family members already in the United States. On Mother’s Day, Secretary Johnson and his wife visited a Border Patrol station. Hetold the New York Times the issue of unaccompanied children became “vivid” for him when Johnson asked one 12-year-old girl where her mother was, and she tearfully replied that she didn’t have one but was hoping to find her father in the United States,.

Some are also claiming that migrants are motivated by rumors of a welcoming political climate for migrants. But White House Domestic Policy Council director Cecilia Muñoz has reiterated that these immigrants would not qualify for either temporary legal presence under President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or for legal status under the Senate immigration bill. She said anecdotal evidence suggests these children have no knowledge of immigration reform and are simply fleeing violence in their home countries.

Under current law, unaccompanied children are subject to deportation just like other undocumented immigrants, but federal law does require that they be turned over to a refugee resettlement office within 72 hours, where officials must try to find an adult who can care for them while their immigration case proceeds. During their immigration cases, however, reports suggest that juvenile status is not given special consideration. Instead, they are treated as “adults in miniature,” according to the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies and Kids In Need of Defense. Under both the Senate immigration bill and House Democrats’ proposed bill, children would be given access to a lawyer during these proceedings, who would both be a watchdog to ensure their humane detention, and give them a fighting chance to argue that they are eligible for asylum or other exemptions from deportation.

Migrant kids are also vulnerable to abuse while being held in shelters. A May Houston Chronicle investigation found that at least 101 instances of reported abuse of minors by shelter workers.


I’ve been hearing reports that the numbers are even greater, and the conditions are even worse.